Pike Place Fish Market

Pike Place Fish Market is a famous landmark in SeattleIf you are headed for Seattle, then you must check out the Pike Place fish market. Yes it is a fish market but don’t let that fool you, as it is perhaps one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions.

The Pike Place Market is actually not just a fish market, it has a diversified list of items on sale, with vendors selling everything from fruits and vegetables to crafts to well, fishes. The Pike Place Fish is famous for the fish throwers, so come by and see some fish fly across the room. They put on quite a show and the next check out one of the many wine stores for a tasting or visit one of the many health food stores.

When you are through, you can stop for dinner or lunch at one of the numerous restaurants in the market. No matter what your interests are you will find something interesting at the market.

Neighborhood Farmers Markets

Neighborhood farmers market showcase fresh produce from local farmers.The city of Seattle has so many exceptional tourist areas and places of interest that it can be a bit overwhelming for a visitor to the city. Yet, what happens if the visitor doesn’t have a lot of time to visit all these attractions? There is a place that lets a visitor to be able to get a taste of Seattle without having to spend days and days traveling.

Pike’s Place Market is in downtown Seattle and offers a taste of the unique flavor of the city. It is an outdoor and indoor market that has so many different vendors. This neighborhood farmers market receives an average of 9 million visitors every year. Established in 1907 as the local farmers’ answer against high cost of produce, Pike Place Market is the oldest farmer’s market in the U.S. It features 600 shops and stalls of farm generate specialty foods, antiques, crafts, collectibles and international groceries.

When one deems of market, they think of vegetables, fruits, and food and others. The neighborhood farmers market has that and much more. They even have small restaurants, bakeries, and independent vendors that might sell their goods to the visitors.

Fresh Produce Associations

Fresh produce associations help protect the interest of local farmers.Fresh produce associations predate the current craze (or fad) for green food, or close to the ground produce or organic farming. The great thing about these associations is that these are all local, and may or may not be a coop. Additionally, the local concerns are raised to federal authorities via associations of these local groups.

One such activity of fresh produce associations is to serve the local community via weekend farmers markets. These markets are a practical open house of fresh farm goods, good quality, and for the most part organic (though you would need to check the farm credentials to see if the goods are organic or not.) These associations are not just limited to vegetables, but also to fruits, and other farm products.

Fresh from the farm, these farm produce are sold with scarcely any travel time between the place these were grown and the market place. For those looking at buying close to the ground food, this is as close to the ground as any food stuff can get. Fresh, tasty and picked within the neighborhood, that should result in some great meals in the kitchen.

Neighborhood Friendly

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